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Best 4K UHD Blu-ray Player Software


It’s the latest generation of Blu-ray discs which, as the name suggests, supports Ultra HD – aka 4K. Besides much sharper pictures, it also adds all sorts of useful things like High Dynamic Range and new advanced audio systems like Dolby Atmos.

Sadly, all this requires higher capacity discs, which is why a new format is required. That means Ultra HD discs won’t play on a normal Blu-ray player, though you can play older Blu-ray discs on an Ultra HD player.

How to Play 4K Blu-ray Disc on Windows?

Till now, there are mainly two ways to enjoy 4K videos: 4K external media player device and 4K media player software installed on Windows 10 computer. Several professional 4K player devices can play 4K videos, like Sony/LG 4K Ultra HD Media Player. 4K TVs such as Samsung UN65HU9000, have been invented. But they are all sort of expensive. There are also many computers which support 4K playing, especially after the release of Mac OS X 10.9.3(compatible with limited computer types). Now more and more Windows and Mac computers supports 4K playback with the help of 4K media player software In terms of price, watching 4K movies on computer seems to be a good choice. Then which 4K player software can support 4K video playback perfectly? iToolShare Blu-ray Player is a good choice to play 4k blu ray disc movie on Windows 10 pc.

Steps to Play 4K Blu-ray Disc on Windows.

Step 1. Free download 4k Blu Ray Player for Windows. Install and launch it.

Any customers can easily Free Download this player on official website for free. Then users can install the application on your computer. And launch it from your desktop.

Step 2. Play 4k Blu-Ray Disc

Click “Open Disc” button to load your 4k Blu-Ray Disc. All quick control options can be found at the bottom area, such as Pause, Stop, Snapshot, Volume, and more. To adjust the custom options related to video and audio, click the Video or Audio menu on the top ribbon.

Top 5 4K Blu-ray Player

4K Blu-ray Player Price Cons
iToolShare Blu-ray Player Trail and Premium version, $29.96/Lifetime Free version has time limit
DVDFab Player 6 $99/Lifetime No more updates and maintenance
VLC media player Free Additional plug-ins required
CyberLink PowerDVD 22 $59.99/Lifetime Unstable and has complicated functions
iDeer Blu-ray player $99/Lifetime Limited interface customization possibilities

Top 1: iToolShare Blu-ray Player

iToolShare Blu-ray Player is an all-on-one Blu-ray player to play any 4k Blu-ray disc, folders and ISO image file.

This powerful Blu-ray player will guarantee you fluent and lossless Blu-ray playback.

This powerful player can play 4K/HD/SD videos in any popular formats.

With this amazing player, you could get wonderful HD video watching experience and fully enjoy the HD entertainment on Blu-ray disc whether it's DTS-HD Master Audio or Dolby TrueHD.

iToolShare Blu-ray Player


* The free version has time limitations on usage.

Top 2: DVDFab Player 6

The all-new DVDFab player 6, the world-famous 4K media player, has been revitalized with a power-packed playback engine that enhances video stability, compatibility, and smoothness greatly. The playback engine is able to open a 4K UHD video disc or file 10 times faster than the other players, maintaining the overall stability and smoothness. Also, this 4K Blu ray player PC has come up with a totally different user interface for both the PC and TV, which brings a compact visual treat for the user while surfing through the media. The navigation menu in this 4K video player offers all-around support for the media, which makes it easier while searching from where you left the last time you played. Till now, this 4K Blu-ray software can read all the DVD and Blu-ray discs and videos. You will get HDR 10 and HD audio output easily and find free ways to create a playlist and more with the help of this 4K Blu ray player PC.


* may not be available on all operating systems or devices, limiting its accessibility.

* Consumes a significant amount of system resources, leading to slower performance on less powerful hardware configurations.

Top 3: VLC media player

The VLC media player is the most commonly used software for playing any format of video without any lag or stream like it plays everything. The recent update made this 4K UHD Bluray player much better and thicker to play the 4K video, and such impact makes it one of the favorite 4K Blu-ray player software in the run. This UHD BLu ray player PC is free to download for both Windows and Mac. It can open your 4K video with a blink of your eyes and that’s what makes this 4K Blu ray player PC one of the tough competitors out of the rest.

VLC media player


* User interface relatively simple, may lack some advanced features and intuitiveness.

* Not provide robust support for certain video formats, requiring additional codecs or plugins.

* Potential performance or compatibility issues on certain operating systems, necessitating attention to version updates and support.

Top 4: CyberLink PowerDVD 22

The CyberLink PowerDVD 22 creates a theatre experience at your home, going beyond the limits any other 4K Blu ray software could even imagine. It plays the 4K video smoothly, gives a richer color to the video, and bright up with HDR10. CyberLink 4K Blu ray player PC enables 360° virtual reality treat on your screen with advanced power-saving technology. The true theatre feature enhances SDR contents to HDR level. This 4k player software also gives a richer audio experience with its true theatre sound technology. 

CyberLink PowerDVD 22


* Relatively higher price point, may not fit into every user's budget.

* Feature-rich, may require some time for beginners to familiarize and master.

* Potential compatibility issues on certain operating systems, requiring attention to system requirements and version support.

Top 5: iDeer Blu-ray player

The iDeer Blu-ray software is one of the leading 4k UHD Blu-ray players which is suitable for PC users. It gives original image quality and sound throughout the video making you watch the color in detail. This 4k Blu-ray player software is compactable only on the PC giving a wonderful Blu-ray experience. It supports multiple video and audio formats other than Blu-ray videos. So would you like to choose it as the best 4K player software.

iDeer Blu-ray player


* Lack certain advanced features or customization options that are available in more comprehensive software.

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