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Blu-ray Disc will not play on windows

Here are the reasons why Blu-ray disc cannot be played on windows. It can help you solve the problem.

Blu ray disc cannot be played for hardware and software reasons:

Hardware reasons

1. You are not using a BD optical drive, or the optical drive is damaged.

2. Blu-ray disc is scratched or damaged.

3. The optical drive connection is unstable or the power supply is insufficient.

You can check whether the system has correctly identified the BD disc in the Explorer. If it is recognized, it is likely to be software reasons.

Software reasons

1. Blu ray discs need to be decrypted for playback, but most playback software can not perfectly realize this function.

2. The encryption method of Blu ray Disc continues to iterate. Some playback software cannot provide the decryption function of the latest disc, resulting in decryption failure and unable to play the disc.

3. Blu ray content standards are different, mainly including BDMV, bdav, etc. Some playback software does not provide complete support, so it cannot be played.

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