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A Comprehensive Guide to Recording on TiVo - From Manual Setup to Real-Time Convenience

Whether you're an avid TV enthusiast or just looking to capture those unforgettable moments, TiVo provides a versatile platform for recording your favorite shows. This comprehensive guide will walk you through various methods, from manual setups to real-time convenience.

1. Manual Recording on TiVo Experience 3 (Software Version: 20.x or Earlier):

Navigate to TiVo Central or HOME.

For TiVo BOLT, Roamio, Premiere on HD menu, and TiVo Mini:Go to "Search, OnePass & Manage > Set Up a Manual Recording."

For TiVo Premiere on SD Menu:Go to "Find Shows > Record by Time or Channel."

For Series 3 & earlier devices:Go to "Find Programs > Record by Time or Channel."

2. Manual Recording on TiVo Experience 4 (Software Version: 21.x or Later):

Access MENU > MANAGE > Manual Recording for TiVo EDGE, BOLT, Roamio, and TiVo Mini.

Choose recording frequency, day(s), channel, and set start and stop times.

Schedule the recording by selecting "Once" or "Repeat" and confirming the details.

3. Recording While Watching Live TV:

While watching live TV, press the RECORD button on your TiVo remote.

On the appearing screen, choose to record the episode, set up a OnePass, or explore other recording options.

4. Accessing Recorded Shows:

All recorded shows can be found in your "My Shows" list.

Access "My Shows" by pressing the TiVo button on your remote control twice.

5. Real-Time Convenience:

Look through My Shows, Guide, or What to Watch to find a show.

Select a program, choose "Record & Watch," and select the TiVo device.

Choose a source for streaming.

If selecting "Record & Watch" for live TV, your TiVo DVR will immediately start recording and stream it to your mobile device.

Pro Tips:

Ensure compliance with TiVo's terms of service and copyright laws.

Explore legal alternatives for content access.

Check for built-in recording features within TiVo apps.

Contact TiVo customer support for specific queries or assistance.


With TiVo, recording your favorite shows becomes a seamless experience, offering both manual control and real-time convenience. Whether you prefer scheduled recordings or capturing the moment as it happens, TiVo has you covered. Unlock the full potential of your TiVo device and enjoy a personalized and convenient TV-watching experience.