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How to Record Your Screen and Webcam Video at the Same Time

If you want to record your computer screen and a webcam video at the same time, that’s easy. And the best part, if you’re on Windows, you only need one program to do it all: iToolShare Screen Recorder. This tool will be a great fit for software tutorials, reaction videos, gameplays, and such.

In this short guide, we’ll show you how to record yourself and your screen at the same time using iToolShare. You can download the latest version of the software from the official developer’s website.

Step 1. Open iToolShare Screen Recorder

Once you’ve installed the program and opened it on your computer, the screen recorder dashboard will pop up on your desktop:

The iToolShare interface is rather intuitive, so you will be able to figure it out even if you are a complete non-techie.

Step 2. Select Video Recorder

Filmora Scrn

Step 3. Enable your web camera and microphone

If you have a web camera and microphone already connected to your computer, VSDC will automatically detect them, so there’s nothing else you need to do. Just hit the Enable camera and Enable microphone buttons on the dashboard.


Once you do that, the webcam video will pop up. Have a good look at it to check your position, the background and all the details you may want or not want to be in the video.

Step 4. Start recording

Once ready, hit Start recording. Keep in mind that you can turn both the microphone and webcam on and off while recording by clicking on them on the dashboard.

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