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How to Record Vudu Videos Without Black Screen

Vudu is a popular online streaming platform that offers a wide range of movies and TV shows for rental and purchase. In this article, we will introduce iToolshare as a powerful screen recording tool to help you easily record and save Vudu videos.

Why Record Vudu Videos?

Recording Vudu videos can provide the following benefits:

1. Capture favorite movies and TV shows for offline viewing.

2. Create a personal collection or movie library.

3. Produce educational tutorials or demonstration videos.

4. Enable editing and creative use for personal or professional purposes.

Introduction to iToolshare's Vudu Video Recording Feature

iToolshare is a versatile screen recording software that offers the following features:

1. Options for full-screen recording or selecting a specific area.

2. Simultaneous recording of system audio and microphone sound.

3. Smooth recording to ensure high-quality Vudu videos.

4. Customizable hotkeys and scheduled recording functionality.

Provide a detailed walkthrough of the steps to record Vudu Videos:

Step 1. Download and install iToolShare Screen Recorder

iToolShare Screen Recorder

Step 2. Open the Vudu website

 Open the Vudu

Step 3. Adjust the recording area and audio options.

Adjust the recording area

Step 4. Start recording the Vudu video.

Start recording Vudu

Solve Black Screen Issue when Recording Vudu Videos in Browser

When streaming videos on platforms like Vudu Videos through a web browser, Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection is often employed to prevent unauthorized copying or recording. As a result, attempting to take screenshots or record content may result in a black screen. However, this issue can be resolved by adjusting settings in the browser. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to fix the black screen problem when recording Vudu Videos using the Firefox browser as an example:

1.Access Browser Settings

First, open the Firefox browser on your computer or device. Then, click on the menu icon located in the top-right corner of the browser window. From the dropdown menu, select "Options" or "Settings" to access the browser settings.


2.Disable Hardware Acceleration

In the Firefox settings interface, navigate to the "General" tab. Within the "Performance" section, you'll find an option labeled "Use hardware acceleration when available." Make sure to uncheck this option.


3.Restart the Browser and Start Recording Vudu Videos

After disabling hardware acceleration, close and then reopen the Firefox browser to apply the changes. Once the browser is restarted, visit the Vudu Videos website and start playing the video you wish to record. You should now be able to use a screen recording tool to capture the video content without encountering the black screen issue.

By following these simple steps to adjust the browser settings, you can effectively resolve the black screen problem when recording Vudu Videos in the Firefox browser. With the issue resolved, you can enjoy seamless recording of your favorite Vudu Videos content and enhance your viewing experience.

Enhancing the Quality of Recorded Vudu Videos

Here are some tips to improve the recording quality:

1. Select the appropriate screen area to capture only the Vudu video playback area.

2. Set the audio options properly to ensure clear sound recording.

3. Adjust the frame rate and resolution for optimal recording quality.

Managing and Editing Recorded Vudu Videos

iToolshare provides built-in video management and simple editing tools, allowing you to organize, trim, and save the recorded Vudu videos according to your preferences.

download vudu movies

Here’s a guide on how to download your desired movie from VUDU.

Option 1: Purchase and Download

1.Visit using your browser.

2.Click on the movie you want to download to access its Movie Details page.

3.Choose the desired video quality (SD, HD, HDX) for the movie you wish to own.

4.After purchasing the movie, several options will be presented, including Watch Now, Watch Later, and Download and Watch Later.

5.Select "Download and Watch Later," initiating the download of your purchased movie.

Option 2: Download a Movie You Already Own

If you've already bought a movie and want to download it, follow these steps:

1.From the Movie Details page of the movie you want to download, select "Manage Download."

2.Click on "Add " ( denotes the video quality to be downloaded).

3.The selected movie will be promptly added to your download queue, and the download process will commence.

Whether purchasing a new movie or downloading one you already own, VUDU offers a straightforward process to enjoy your favorite content offline. Keep in mind that the availability of the download feature may vary based on the content's licensing agreements.

Conclusion and Recommendations

With iToolshare, you can easily record Vudu videos and capture your favorite movies and shows. Try iToolshare now to record and enjoy Vudu's exciting content anytime, anywhere.

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